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UX modernization for a Government Client
Business Context
Case study of an Insurance Broker’s success using our social media marketing services. The goal was to increase traffic to the client’s website and increase organic engagement on social media.
Kyyba Solution
Our team partnered with the agency’s IT leadership and developed a state of the art UX leveraging ‘Webix’, a niche Javascript library, and re-engineered the entire UI; retaining the core Business logic. We used JavaScript Web APIs for data binding, designed an intuitive UX with color codes and user flows with full compliance to ADA and usability standards.
Business Benefits
  • Fully revamped UX rendering on all modern web browsers  
  • Comprehensive delivery package on Adobe XD and style guides to provide a head start to development teams    
  • Fresh and innovative design elements with increased usability    
  • Powerful integrated site search concept to the consumers      
  • Holistic event management through collaborative calendar integrations
  • Highly modular solution leading to reuse and easy maintainability
Feedback from ACIO